Technology that sets the highest standards

Satellite Communication

Key Technology of Global Communication

Our linearizers are used in high-speed data transmission systems such as satellite communications, the Internet, and 4K / 3D television, enabling broadband use of high power and system amplifier frequencies in information transmission, and are thus an integral part of forward-looking data transmission with the highest signal quality. The linearizers are designed for use in ground station applications. The optimization of the amplifier characteristics enables ideal power utilization and leads to energy savings of more than 50 percent. Thus, linearizers may be referred to as a ""green product"" which enables the use of low cost, compact power amplifiers. Astyx engineers have years of experience developing and manufacturing linearizer modules. Our products are individually adapted to the respective amplifier types and customer requirements. We supply linearizers for the frequency bands C-, X-, Ku-, DBS-, Ka- and tri-band (C-, X-, Ku-band combined).

Linearizer for power amplifiers

(TWTAs und SSPAs)

Transmit and receive modules

With the "Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space" mission (ACES), the two organizations ESA (European Space Agency) and the French Space Agency are expanding the research scope of the International Space Station (ISS).
The mission's goal is to create a comparable time scale for Earth-based atomic clocks using two space-based atomic clocks called the PHARAO (Project of Horloge Atomic) and SHM (Space H-Maser) , In this project, Astyx supplies microwave components (hybrids) for signal transmission from the space station ISS to ground level.
The hybrids are used in the transmitter and receiver and, for frequency generation in the so-called "Microwave Link" (MWL). The components work in the Ku band and S band frequency ranges (13.5 - 14.7 and 2.2 GHz, respectively) and have been certified for space travel in cooperation with Astrium and ESA.

Radar automotive

Key technology for autonomous driving

Astyx has made a name for itself as a leading systems supplier for the development and manufacture of innovative 77GHz radar systems for automotive environment perception. We work with OEMs and automotive suppliers to provide solutions for future requirements in advanced radar sensor technology.

Radar Sensors

  • We develop automotive highest-performance radar sensors as stand-alone sensors or in sensor fusion for perception and machine learning.
  • Astyx radar sensors distinguish themselves by extented range of detection, high sensitivity and resolution.
  • The point cloud output format of the radar sensor provides rich information about objects and environment.


  • Vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers
    Vehicle manufacturers around the world need the sensors of the coming generations now. They use Astyx technology to develop and test the appropriate methods to address the challenges of the future.
  • Vehicle fleet operators
    Automated transportation concepts with around-the-clock availability require reliable and safe road traffic functionality. Conventional sensors have reached their limits. The Astyx high-end radars push these limits further and are already meeting the needs of tomorrow.


  • In addition to the usual planar antennas, we use polarimetric and three-dimensional antennas from our own unique creations.
  • We implement our innovative radar algorithms on state-of-the-art processors or flexibly programmable FPGAs.
  • We support chip manufacturers in introducing new semiconductor technologies and techniques in automotive radar sensors.


  • In the field of ​​passenger vehicles, we realize safety and comfort functions.
  • We enable highly automated and autonomous driving for shuttles, trucks and robotic taxis.
  • Astyx radar sensors are very well suited as reference systems for other measuring technologies because of their advanced capabilities.
  • The detailed capture of the environment allows radar mapping for geographic information systems.
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Radar avionics

up in the air

Based on the Astyx radar technology, we develop radar solutions for environment detection in the aerospace sector for helicopters as well as for UAVs.
Whether in flight or on the ground, our Digital Beamforming (DBF) technology is particularly well suited for the robust requirements of this segment in assisting the aircraft to detect obstacles in difficult weather conditions.

Radar Industry

safety first

Autonomous and semi-autonomous systems are increasingly finding their way into the industrial sector. Based on the Astyx radar technology and in cooperation with our customers, we develop sensor solutions for these applications, particularly in the field of environmental sensors for the industry of tomorrow.

Industry sensors

Offshore sensors

In offshore drilling for oil production, Riser Tensioner cylinders are used as a stabilization system for drillships and platforms. The modern Direct Acting Tensioner cylinders guarantee a predefined tension of the drill string and compensate for all movements of the drillship, e.g. from sea swell and fluctuating waves. The system consists of six hydraulic cylinders mounted directly between the riser on one side and the derrick on the other side. Alternatively, the combination wire-line tensioner and drill string compensator is used. All three types of cylinders require a displacement measuring system in order to be able to compensate for the movement of the drillship in a controlled manner. The Astyx microwave sensor (ATEX Zone 1 certified) is ideally suited for harsh conditions at sea.

Currently, only nitrogen on the antenna side is used as operating medium. The following diameters can currently be delivered:

    Riser Tensioner:

  •         360 mm with Zone 2 antenna (customer interface: power interface)
  •         480 mm with Zone 2 antenna (customer interface: power interface)
  •         560 mm with zone 2 or zone 1 antenna (customer interface: Profibus)

Pneumatic sensors

E-field in a pneumatic cylinder

Pneumatic drives are considered to be a cost effective actuator technology, e.g. to be able to approach controlled positions in robotics. For this purpose, distance measuring systems are required. Our patented displacement measuring system for pneumatic cylinders has the following properties:

  •     Continuous and absolute distance measurement; Measuring accuracy +/- 50μm
  •     X-length-capable
  •     Completely integrated in the cylinder end-cap, no external mountings
  •     No need to gun-drill the piston rod
  •     Corrected measuring signal by integrated pressure and temperature compensation
  •     Insensitive to external electromagnetic fields
  •     Cost-effective design with highly integrated electronics (HF-ASIC)

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