Passion for Progress

At Astyx, development is defined from the ground up, and together we move the entire development process of high frequency systems up to 81 GHz.
Our innovations are defined by our know-how in prototype development and small batch production. This includes a cleanroom with the necessary measurement technology, mechanical integration, embedded software development, the integration of artificial intelligence and application-oriented testing.                                         


Pioneers of development

The smooth interplay between the individual disciplines provides a dynamic environment and progress. We break new ground every day in our interdisciplinary and collaborative efforts.
Everyone who becomes part of the Astyx family feels a full sense of involvement in the company. Partners both from large enterprises and medium-sized businesses often confirm the uniqueness of our development processes in bringing significant value to the customer. These aspects result in excellent opportunities for our employees.                                            


Key Technologies

Tailored to the needs of our customers we offer customized and future-oriented solutions. Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of know-how, technology and algorithmics.
We define fast global Internet by optimizing data transmission in space. We develop sensors for autonomous driving and safety systems for accident prevention and also sensors for complex industrial applications.


We see what you don't see

Our radar sensors map the analog world into digital data streams at several gigabits per second. Only the application of the appropiate algorithms to these data streams enables a reliable environment detection.
The latter is the basis for active safety systems and autonomous driving. Whether on land, in the air or on water - with our innovative software solutions, we not only shape the future state-of-the-art of radar applications, we also meet the highest quality requirements.


Machine Learning

Making sense of your environement

Given the data quality of our Astyx high-resolution radar sensors, we are now able to transfer and extend current Deep Learning based approaches from LiDAR and camera to Radar. Based on our excellent background knowledge in Machine Learning and experience with state-of-the-art sensor fusion, we are able to provide our customers with in-depth advice on integrating our Radar sensors into their own sensor fusion systems.
We also develop complete solutions for radar-based 3D object recognition, such as needed in automotive or industrial scenarios, especially in weather-induced failures of any other sensors. We aim at offering our customers the algorithmic capability to provide reliable environment perception in all weather conditions for highly automated to autonomous driving (levels 3-5).